DDF Periscope FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

DDF Periscope:

    Q: Why ddf-files created by the DDF Builder have discrepancy in length of record in physical file "file.ddf" and in description of fields for it in those DDF files? And what should we do to make it OK?
    A: That's mistake of the DDF Builder. It's not described one of fields in own ddf-files. You should add a field of string type with length 10 at the end of the record in the description of the file.ddf.

    Q: Could Periscope do not open dictionary(ies) which user worked before last Periscop closing with?
    A: Yes, you should specify option "-clean" in command line.

    Q: I am sniffing btrieve file into my dictionary, but Periscope isn't saving absolute path to data file, and as consequence, data from btrieve file cannot be viewed.
    A: It is a program feature. You can enter the path to data file in Table/Edit manually.

    Q: What happened with my eyes? Why don't I see in DDF Periscope any copyprotection system?
    A: Don't worry! Your eyes work as usual. We did not include any copy-protection system into DDF Periscope.

    Q: How do I define a field that is described in the FD as Pic S9(13)?
    A: For information about COBOL data types mapping please refer to Pervasive Techpaper for Database Migration

    Q: How should I create DDF-dictionary for Pervasive servers version 9 and higher?
    A: Pervasive servers version 9 and higher don't support Btrieve-files version 5.x, which is a default for Periscope dictionaries. Server returns error code 46 for any write operations for such files. So you should set option 'Create version' to 'Target server' mode (Main menu\Options\Settings\Files tab\Dictionary group) before creating new DDFs.

Pervasive SQL Workstation:
    Q: DDF Peiscope cannot open dictionary/data file, if it's placed in a directory containing spaces in the name.
    A: You must set to "On" options "Embedded spaces" in Pervasive Client/Workstation Control Center (Configuration/Client/Application characteristics).

    Q: DDF Periscope doesn't create data files containing INTEGER fields length 1.
    A: Pervasive.SQL engine version prior Pervasive.SQL 2000 doesn't support INTEGER length 1.