Btrieve DDF & Data Files Editor

DDF Periscope editor is designed for:

  • creation and editing data dictionaries files of Pervasive Software corporation DBMS Btrieve;
  • processing of contents of data tables;
  • and also functions for the state monitoring of Btrieve/Pervasive SQL server.
What do you need to...

    ...make and edit your Data Dictionary Files?
    ...edit and manage your data into Btrieve files?
    ...import and export your data into Btrieve files? in your data in Btrieve files?
    ...print useful Btrieve table structures?
    ...generate source code to work with you Btrieve table?
    ...monitoring your Btrieve server?

All that you need is... DDF Periscope! (direct download link)

Unbelievable? See full features list of DDF Periscope!